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JEWISH EXPLORATIONS is a unique adult Jewish learning program that specializes in educational travel with leading Judaic Studies scholars and expert guides who are true specialists in their fields. Our intimate study tours take you to places where Jewish civilization unfolded. See, hear, taste and touch the rich history of our People. Our scholars teach at major academic institutions and on specialized programs in the United States, Canada and Israel. Our guides have advanced training in the Jewish history of the destination.


JEWISH EXPLORATIONS travel programs are intimate small group learning experiences. Our study tours have maximum of 18 participants.  


JEWISH EXPLORATIONS now makes it possible for you to travel both internationally and domestically to destinations of particular Jewish interest.  Under the guidance of a Judaic Studies scholar and specialized guides, you can gain insights and perspective that only a true expert can provide.




"The study tour was outstanding in every respect. David  Starr (the scholar) and Dudu Cohen (the guide) are a wealth of information and, in spite of my numerous trips to Israel, they have both given me a rare new perspective of the under-pinnings  which make this country so unique. Understanding and appreciating modern Israel from a Zionistic view is to see a new Israel to my eyes."


Deborah K.

Santa Rosa, CA

About "Origins of Israel: 1882-1948"



Biblical Archaeology with Prof. Gary Rendsburg in Beit Shean, Israel (2016). Photo by HM Heft, Princeton,NJ

JEWISH EXPLORATIONS is a project of Adults Jewish Learning Programs.


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